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This is divided into 2/20-minute matches.

In the first match, both ladies are dressed in black stretchy pants, and bikini top. The ref in this match is in a mask. They LOCK UP. A LITTLE PUSHING BACK AND FORTH. The ref catches ANGEL cheating, but never sees LOLLIPOP cheat..
HEADLOCKS, HAMMER LOCKS, TOP WRIST LOCKS, BENDING LOLLIPOP BACKWARDS. HEADLOCK TAKE DOWNS, HEAD SCISSORS, all back and forth. The REF keeps warning ANGEL, but does not see LOLLIPOP cheating so very much. LOLLIPOP sees the ref is on her side, and begins to torture Angel. CHOKES, HAIR PULLING, CHOKING ON ROPES, AX HANDLE SMASHES INTO ANGELS BACK, LOLLIPOP clearly is cheating, and the REF does nothing. Angel gets mad and cuts Lollipop off with a BIG PUNCH TO BELLY, CHOKES AND CHEATING OF HER OWN. PIN ATTEMPTS, WITH A VERY SLOW COUNT BY REF. The REF, clearly is on LOLLIPOP’S side, and lets her get away with everything. LOLLIPOP LOW BLOW;S ANGEL AND PINS HER 1 2 3.

Match 2
Both ladies in Jeans and t-shirts. The winner is the one who gets the other girls shirt off, to expose her bra. No REF in this match. TEST OF STRENGTH, CHAIN WRESTLING, EYE GOUGES, HAIR PULLING. Both ladies trying everything to get the other girls T- Shirt off. Lots CAT FIGHTING, all Back and forth.. The shirts get about half way off. At one point, LOLLIPOP can’t see because her shirt is over her head..
1 girl finally looses her shirt, and that makes the other one real mad.. Both ladies end up in their bikini tops until the end.
The dialogue in this match is great. You feel like you know both these ladies after this….
40 minutes.

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