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Mr. Thunder -vs- Jungle Fever (RHAKA KHAN ) LADY V IS REFF

Both girls in Bikini and boots. Mr. Thunder in his tights,boots,and mask. Lady Victoria is in the ring to introduce the wrestlers. Mr Thunder is willing and ready. Then Jungle Fever walks in with a long KANE. She struts in the ring,takes off her robe,and procedes to hit Thunder with the stick. It actually breaks right off the bat. This is not good for Thunder. Everything she does to him is Brutal,and you can tell she is hitting him hard. FACE SLAPS,CHOKES,HUGE STOMPS TO BELLY,LOW BLOW STOMPS. All unreal fast action. Fever tortures him,then walks to the camera and gets her face all up in it bitching about who the hell he thinks he is. The Reff is even affraid for real. If you see this match,you will understand. Fever chops him so hard over and over,that his chest is bloody and raw. She stands on his throat with all her weight.

CHINLOCKS,ARMBARS,PANTHER CLAW,SLEEPER,MORE CHOPS,KICKS,FACE SLAPS,CHOKES,MORE LOW BLOWS,DRAGON SLEEPER,DIGS HER NAILS INTO HIS CHEST,SLEEPER-BODY SCISSOR COMBO. Thunder is taping out. The reff stays out of the way,scared as hell of Fever. Then it is time for the weapons. Fever breaks the stick in a hundred pieces on him. Hitting him repeadly until there is nothing left of the stick at all. Then she grabs a fork.
She stabs him so many times,the match has to be stoped and Thunder is bandaged up. Fever then takes off her shoes,and stuffs her dirty socks into his mouth. You can tell he is in agony. Cant breath,getting his face slapped off,putting him in a hard camel clutch with the sock still in his mouth. Fever gets out the chocolate and makes him lick it off her boot, while he is on his knees begging for mercy.
Then she has Thunder get on all 4's and she stomps his hands and fingers. I believe she actually broke a few fingers doing this. Then for the final humiliation move,Fever sits on his belly,peals an orange,and squeezes all the juice in his eyes. He cannot move,as she is sitting on him with all her weight.
He is screaming in agony. The 2 girls high 5 each other and leave him in the ring covered in chocolate and orange,and blood.

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